Feb 13, 2012

2012 GOALS

reach goal weight
train cardio
to overcome fear of water // learn how to swim!
new glasses
to own a decent camera Olympus PEN
blackberry bold2 as a second phone oh how i miss you 23BCF058 which ive traded sold it out to get my current SII :'(
owns a corset // relieves backpain
consider Lasix surgery
vacation with best friend
grow [healthy and shiny] hair
transferred back to Penang

Aug 19, 2011

what i just dont get is that why does the male species just had the tendency urge to break everything off every time when there's an disagreement or even a little tiny weeny row.

i thought we should work it and tolerate each other?

and they're claiming that they're such simple species. to hell with that.
they're the ones who are beyond imaginable outer space complexity here.

Aug 14, 2011

I hate the fact that men are such a visual creatures. I wonder what's the purpose of god created them that way anyway, other than making the female species life miserable and self-esteem killers.

And I hate the fact that I've to endure this stupid shit for as long as I'm a woman until the day I die.

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